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Frankie Westbrook: New & Collected Works

Artist Frankie Westbrook has been working in and around Columbus for decades.  A street artist in the literal sense, Frankie has lived through periods of homelessness and still found ways to make art.  Often explicitly religious in nature, his pieces powerfully evoke spiritual themes expressive with his own deep theological understanding.  Frankie’s show will open on August 19th at 7:00 PM and run through early October.

Image courtesy Nicollette Swift

The Game Show

February 26 – April 9. Opening Reception: February 26, 7-9

We invited artists, poets, philosophers, teachers, and thinkers to come together over a shared meal, form groups and create a game out of collaboration.  The Game Show is the fruit of these labors where process and play produce product. Come to the show. Play the game. Take a book.

Featuring: Julie Jent, Karl Stevens, Matt Swift, Nicolette Swift, Natalia Arbelaez, Brad Modlin, Kristin Calhoun, Joy Sullivan, Carolyn Baginski, Agnes Burris, Adam Gellings, Forrest Gard, James Minor, Wendy McVicker, Kristin Distel, Jena Seiler, and Melissa Neiderhiser

Made possible by a grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council


Shift Yaw _resized web

SHIFT: yaw

November 6 – November 21; Opening reception Friday, November 6, 7-9.

For a vessel moving through space, to yaw is to deviate temporarily from a straight course. For a vessel, to yaw is to shift along the vertical axis, to turn or be turned by oncoming forces. In human terms, to yaw is to turn on one’s heel to face a new direction. In human terms, this may mean a new course, or simply a new view for one maintaining their center.

SHIFT: yaw is an exhibition of artworks including new directions and new facets of work by graduate and undergraduate students at The Ohio State University. SHIFT: yaw seeks to call attention to the reaction of the student artist to the forces of academically structured influences.

Accepting by James Payne

Discord and Discourse: 2015 in Retrospect

December 4 – January 30. Friday, December 4, Exhibition Opens: Preview 2-6; Artist Talk 6-7; followed by Reception 7-9.

Discord and Discourse is a focused exploration of the incendiary social climate of 2015. Transgender rights, police shootings, racism, income inequality, and attacks on reproductive freedom are just a few of the rallying calls for protests, marches and conflict in recent months.  EASE would like to close out 2015 with an exhibition showcasing artists’ responses to these (and more) issues, the divisions they have revealed in our communities, and possible paths to reconciliation.


Disillusion by Crystal Tursich

Adjunct Potluck 2015

September 11 – October 3; Opening reception, Friday, September 11, 7-9.

EASE welcomes you back to class with our annual ode to the unsung heroes of the American academic industry, the adjunct.  Come sample the talents of this year’s roster.  And never fear; our potlucks are always botulism-free.

Theo Zanardelli
Diana Abells
Peter Morgan
Rob Thompson
Crystal Tursich
Carolyn Baginski
Material Evidence

Material Evidence

October 9 – October 31; Opening reception Friday, October 9, 7-9.

Ten artists interpret the theme of “Material Evidence” through art that documents experience, explores unusual source materials, or redefines our perception of medium.
Each of the ten artists in this show also took part in a social art experiment called “The Artifact Project,” which seeks to illustrate the universality of human experience through objects that carry memory and resonance.  Mementos with little or no external value are documented and given an elevated life as museum artifacts.
Video screenings of the artist interviews will take place throughout the exhibition. “The Artifact Project” is an ongoing work by Mona Gazala.

Mona Gazala

Dana Lynn Harper
Dustin Nowlin
Jason Schwab
Jeni Hansen Gard
Alena Rosa Reyes
Elizabeth Nelson
Ruth Burke
Forrest Gard
Gabe Michael Kenney
Evaporation walk with Lori Esposito

Evaporation walk: A group meditation on foot.

Today’s walk POSTPONED till August 1st, 2p.m. 

Lori Esposito created the meditative practice of evaporation walking in 2012 as a means for grief rehabilitation. Join her on Sunday, July 26th at 2pm (rain date August 1st 2pm) for the first group evaporation walk. Pigmented water will be carried till evaporated as a metaphor for ‘carrying forward’ a lost loved one. Materials will be provided.

Participants are invited to walk for any length of time and share personal stories of loss as desired.

The walk will begin at EASE Gallery located in a church at 30 W. Woodruff Columbus. The culminating plates will be exhibited at EASE from Aug. 8th-Sept. 5th as part of the exhibition, ‘Active Presence.’  Reception with artists in the exhibition ‘Active Presence’ scheduled Saturday, August 8th, 6-8 pm.

With support from the Ohio Arts Council

E-mail for questions or call 740-541-1507. If you plan to participate, please RSVP at Registration is not required, but it is helpful to ensure sufficient materials are on hand.

be with the ordinary Esposito

Active Presence

August 8 – September 5 | Opening Reception Saturday, August 8 from 6-8.

‘Active Presence’ explores four artists’ unique perspectives on the role of the meditative. This exhibition presents traditional, performative and digital medias to expand upon popularized contexts of meditation derived from Eastern philosophy. These artists’ deliberate and active collaborations with place and time inspire alternative approaches to artistic production, placing greater emphasis on process and experience. Audiences are invited to witness contemplative and revelatory acts as the artists have situated themselves in derelict buildings, urban traffic, studio environments and rural landscapes. These acts, from solitary mark making to public engagement, shift distant observation to the vulnerability of the immediate.

Featuring Lori Esposito, Siavash Tohidi, Daisie Hoitsma, and Duane McDiamid.

Rural Colors - Blue Mountain Penn Still 026

Rural Colors – Blue Mountain Pennsylvania

On view in the Projection Room  June 12 – July 3; Opening reception June 12, 7-9 pm.
A digital video installation by Matt Swift.
Rural Colors is a series of short poetic experimental films that documents the natural landscapes of the world around us. This film utilizes a tracking shot of the stretch of the Pennsylvania Turn Pike that runs between Blue Mountain, Kittatinny Mountain and Tuscarora Mountain to paint a view of nature that exposes abstract asymmetrical designs verging on an ever changing linear perspective. Timed to music exploiting the brains superior colliculus (the area that connects visual information with audible information) the images become a kaleidoscopic cornucopia of color changing the original documented landscape into an aesthetic experience void of the details that influence our interpretation of such scenic views.